Senior Animation Engineer

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About the Job

IllFonic is looking for a Senior Animation Programmer to work in Unreal Engine 4. Responsibilities include developing animation and gameplay features for multiple projects and mentoring other programmers. The job requires 3+ years experience, a strong understanding of writing portable C++ code and source control. Also, it helps to have experience with Unreal Engine 4 and animating yourself, but those are bonus.

Founded in 2007, IllFonic (IllFonic, LLC) is an independent video game developer with studios in Lakewood, Colorado; Tacoma, Washington; and Austin, Texas. We offer a flexible work location policy, including work from home full-time, work in office full-time, and work in office part-time. Our staff is composed of video game, music, and technology veterans redefining how games are made and marketed. Titles and collaborations include Predator: Hunting Grounds, Friday the 13th: The Game, Dead Alliance, Star Citizen, Evolve, Armored Warfare, and Nexuiz.



  • Work with animation department to implement animations as smooth and as accurately as possible

  • Implement animations without negatively impacting player input or gameplay mechanics

  • Implement designed gameplay features

  • Debug any engine, gameplay or software issues that may arise

  • Perform code reviews

  • Mentor other programmers, helping them grow and develop

  • Work on multiple projects

  • Take the initiative to identify, prioritize, call-out, and suggest solutions to problems both big and small

  • Regularly playtest builds and provide professional feedback to the team on how to improve our games

  • Share your thoughts about how to make the company a better place to work, improve the creative process, and help deliver better games


  • 5+ years game industry experience

  • Strong experience with source control

  • Strong inter-departmental communication skills

  • Write fluent portable C++ code

  • Experience with modern game platforms (PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch)

  • Experience with profiling and optimization techniques

  • Experience working on multiplayer games

  • Familiarity with a wide range of gameplay systems including AI, physics, networking and rendering

  • Strict use of code names and complete confidentiality of project information for as long as its required


  • Experience with Unreal Engine

  • Experience with Maya, Mobu, Blender

  • Experience with animation systems such as physically based, procedural or motion tracking

  • Experience with Python