IllFonic has entered into a strategic partnership with Endeavor, a global entertainment, sports, and content company with a portfolio of companies including WME, IMG, and UFC. The partnership will focus on opening up new opportunities for developing games that bring to life popular television and film IP, following the studio’s popular “Friday the 13th: The Game,” and the upcoming “Predator: Hunting Grounds.”

IllFonic’s focus is translating premium entertainment IP into immersive, multiplayer experiences surrounded by highly engaged communities. Game content is designed to be streamer friendly, encourage commentary, connect with diehard fans, and leverage broader influencer bases.

 “We are thrilled to partner with Endeavor as we look to deepen our connections to the world of entertainment and accelerate our development pipeline,” said Charles Brungardt, IllFonic CEO. “We believe this partnership will enhance our ability to deliver fans’ their favorite television and film titles in unique, gaming experiences.”