Game Informer Covers Arcadegeddon Launch

If Arcadegeddon were an animal (roll with me here), it'd be a hip-hop banging phoenix rising from the ashes of a near disaster. After releasing Friday: The 13th and Predator: Hunting Grounds, developer IllFonic moved on to a new licensed multiplayer project that, unfortunately, was cancelled while deep in development – the day after last year's Christmas, no less. 

"I'm pretty sure I was looking in the mirror … and I was like 'Oh s***,'" says IllFonic Art Director Izaak Moody while discussing the cancelation. 

It was a major blow, but IllFonic's creative head, Jarred Gerritzen, saw an opportunity to turn tragedy into triumph. He hunkered down in the solitary of quarantine and concocted the concept for a new, original game built upon the framework they'd already created. This new project would incorporate the team's love of electronic hip hop and punk-rock culture as well as employ their multiplayer expertise to form a game they couldn't get enough of playing. With a deadline that didn't change despite the massive directional shift, IllFonic pulled together to create Arcadegeddon, a fresh blend of cooperative and competitive multiplayer that hopes to wow players with its unique gameplay and stylish presentation.

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