IllFonic Lowers Latency and Reduces Server Costs by 70% on Amazon GameLift

IllFonic is an independent video game developer with offices in Golden, Colorado; Tacoma, Washington; and Austin, Texas. It creates unique, immersive online multiplayer games. And to provide a seamless gaming experience, IllFonic must quickly match similarly skilled opponents and keep latency low for players around the world. But the peer-to-peer (P2P) network model the company was using to support its multiplayer games created inconsistent experiences and often led to game interruptions and long player wait times.

Already using other services from Amazon Web Services (AWS), IllFonic migrated one of its past titles to Amazon GameLift, a fully managed dedicated server hosting solution that deploys, operates, and scales cloud servers for multiplayer games. This enables IllFonic to deliver the lowest latency possible, reduce player wait times, and significantly cut costs. “To run a successful online multiplayer game today, you need fast servers on demand that can automatically scale when you need them to,” says Charles Brungardt, CEO and cofounder of IllFonic. “On Amazon GameLift, we lowered latency for our players. So we got that—and more.” So successful was the experience that in 2020, IllFonic developed and launched its latest title entirely on AWS.

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